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The thoughts and a practice method of Kim Young-se who makes imagination a reality

Now, imagination decides your future competitiveness


The Imaginer, the new human type which governs the future with strong imagination


Imaginer refers to a person, the right brain-typed human whose emotional ability is developed who turns the values of the future into a success of the reality with strong imaginary power.

A dreaming person, a person who draws his/her thoughts, a person who first reaches the future, a person who enjoys imagination and fantasy and even delusion---- more than anything else, the person who creates something which contributes to the world with imagination, I want to call all of those persons an imaginer.


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The world-famous designer, Kim Young-se’s new book in 4 years since his first publication, The Innovator

Telling About Imaginer, Creative Talent Who Is Required in a Sensitive Era!

The innovative-shaped Powder Packs whose front is rolled upward like cell phones. How would these surprisingly shaped Powder Packs be made? There was a designer who was in agony over the new cosmetics container design. His wife gave a clue to the worrying husband: “It would be good to make possible to look into a mirror without opening the compact lid. The thing that enables you to look in a mirror with one hand while driving a car.” At her saying, the designer thought, That is it!” And he immediately spread his wings of imagination. ‘How would I make the container to look into a mirror with its lid not opened? That would be totally different from the existing products!’ Here, the point is that you should impose no limitation or restriction in spreading your wings of imagination. Anyhow, it is to be made in your head and so, there is neither impossibility nor shame. You just have to change your own imagination freely until you finish drawing a complete painting. After a while, the designer finally came upon an idea. ‘Right! I have to make a slide-typed pact which a mirror is attached to the whole side of its outside!’


The above-mentioned designer, of course is Kim Young-se, the author of the book and the cosmetic product is the “Laneige Sliding Pact” launched and manufactured by Amorepacific Co. The products are sold approximately more than 2 million pieces a year, setting the world to rights. The book is about the interesting episodes which the author made imagination a reality as shown in the illustration and his creative thinking method which can be learned through such episodes. While his previous book, The Innovator gives an insight into what creating a new trend is, this book, The Imaginertells an specific explanation about how “Imaginers” who create a new trend think, how they work and how to practice. Via the design development cases of Kim Young-se who put his thoughts into practice in person and won success worldwide, readers who read the book could apply their own creative thinking method to their own problems. The upcoming Sensitive Era would be an age which strong imagination is to serve as a competitive edge. The talented persons who make imagination a reality and rules the next generation, Let’s be prepared for the future through the stories of “The Imagner.”


Invitation to a new world which produces via imagination.

Out of the box! Create a thing which is not existent in this world!

What is the question which the world-class designer Kim Young-se who represents Korea is most frequently asked? That is the question of “how you could conceive such a creative idea each time?” How would creative talent made? An increasing number of voices have been calling for creative talent for several years ago but it is not so easy to find a method to do so. Under the situation, Kim Young-se tells of his own creative story. Not in an ambiguous way but by showing all the design which he created. Even he tells completely a thinking method which he used and its results. Kim Young-se talks about his own story while he does not deny that a creative talent is somewhat born-gifted. However, he stresses that if you yourself clearly realize why creativity is needed and make a steady effort to think a little differently from other people, you could definitely evolve into a creative person more than now. In order to do so, he emphasizes that it is necessary to make the environment where a society as a whole respects a person who thinks of something a little differently and young people themselves must hold a spirit of “Why Not!” that there is no reason not to be achieved in doing what I do.


One more thing that he emphasizes is “the imagining,” the thinking method of the imaginers. The imagining is the “strategic imagination,” which is different from “fantasy.” It is a certain idea which rushes upon your mind or it is to incessantly imagine a certain problem which you want to resolve in your mind until it becomes something valuable in reality. The imagining can be used for design but students can also use it to find an answer to a certain problem. For office workers, they can utilize it for a solution to a new project. Via the creative thinking method which made Kim Young-se a world-famous designer, a lot of young people would be reborn as a more creative talent. Now, the book invites readers to a new world which produces via imagination. Get out of the box with the power of strong imagination! Create a thing that is not existent in this world! The story of the imaginers, the people who will lead a next world will spread from now on.




The book is not to teach creativity but to tell how creativity is to be revealed and what method you have to use to grow creativity in an effective way and with detailed cases. Do you want to steal president Kim Young-se’s creativity? Then, read this book! ― Koo Ja-hong(chairman of LS Group)


Kim Young-se has an pretty much broad-wide ‘interest’ with an enormous intellectual curiosity which straddles Korea’s traditional culture and Western culture, has knowledge of ‘observing’ things with more than simple inspiration and through which he seeks the relationship between things and humans in a new way. I admire his tremendous creativity and will look to his upcoming movements. ― Lee Eo-ryeong(Adviser to JoongAng Ilbo daily)


Our dream is not a simple dream but a rough sketch for the world which we will make from now on. This book is the very one about the method which realizes the dream designers speak of. A book preparing for an era in which imagination is more important than knowledge. All youth are recommended to reach the book. ― Lee Hae-sun(president of CJ O Shopping)


In the book, Kim Young-se tells his story about how he made the designs which could not help being loved by the public and what the sources of his imagination are. And via the book, he hopes a lot of young people will be reborn as a creative talent ― Jang Dae-hw(chairman of Maeil Economic Daily & TV)


The author has a precise understanding for the power of pleasure and imagination. He intends to convey the surprising truth to a lot of youth via the book. The book is for youth who want to be reborn as a powerful person of talent. “Will you live a life as a fighter or a creator?” This book has a key to the future competitiveness of yours. ― Cho Dong-sung(professor in the department of business administration at Seoul National University)


This book is about imagination which everyone had in childhood. Believe in the power of imagination and love people. That is the message of the book. The Imaginer tells. That a person who loves creation must create love. Let’s draw love more than imagination. ― Tablo (a member of Group Epik High)


Kim Young-se was inspired from the people which he met in the streets, his family and the persons around him and created countless innovative designs. He has a surprising ability which is able to sublimate his inspiration along with his peculiar observant ability into a fresh design. ― Kenichiro Oota(Editor of , Japan)


I was early aware that getting access to Kim Young-se’s design is to learn about a part of the future in advance. I already have an expectation about what he will create next time. Follow him once. It is ok to expect you will encounter an unexpected thing. ― Herbert Wright(British writer and journalist., , etc)


The passion and expertise which Kim Young-se showed is indescribable. He brings about design to our life, changes things around us and gives a change to even the way of our living. Wish him good health. There are too many things to learn from him in the world. ― Michal Passchad(British broadcaster and journalist)






Prologue, the people who creates the value of the future, the Imaginer!


Chapter 1

Design & Love : Design which pleases the world


1. Draw up a design as if giving a present to your loving person.

2. Love ‘me’ of 6.7 billion persons

3. Design is “‘sharing.”

4. Design is a thing of us all.


Chapter 2

Design & People : Become a creative imaginer


1. The imaginer, an emotional talent in the emotional era

2. No border to the imaginer

3. The imaginer leads changes in the world

4. The imaginers who I met  


Chapter 3

Design & Imagining : Produce via imagination


1. Imagining is the strategic imagination  

2. Imagining, an invitation to a new world

3. I do imagining like this way 1 – Requirements for imagining

4. I do imagining like this way 2 – Finding an inordinate thing, empting and concentrating

5. I do imagining like this way 3 - Why? How? Why not!

6. I do imagining like this way 4 – The moments when design is born


Chapter 4

Design & Business : The magic which connects companies with consumers


1. Design is the engine which moves every business

2. The CEOs who go ahead with design.

3. Design is the art which sells technologies

4. Pay attention to the future-typed companies


Chapter 5

Design & Dream : My dreaming become a reality


1. The car which flies in the sky

2. The dreamy exhibition

Digital Design A to Z │

3. Dreaming of the future of the design Korea

39 design definitions  

4. The Korean Kim Young-se’s dream incorporated in the T line


Epilogue 39+1, the 40th definition of design

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